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You are probably used to the standard web hosting at small or local web hosting providers where you pay for each website $3 – $5 per month.

You would pay the same amount for the small landing pages or blogs with less than 3000 – 5000 visits per month.

We will show you how to build up your own reliable infrastructure with the backup for $25 – $40 per month. This fee should easily cover the hosting for about 10 websites. More than that with this solution you will get 40GB storage for almost 100 small projects.

We wona��t talk about the redundant database models or the loadbalancers for huge projects in this tutorial. We want to offer a small and cheap solution. Also in How to speed up the WordPress in 3 simple steps you can find the tutorial on how to get the response time of your website under 200ms.

Figure A

Primary Hosting server

This small model is build on a cPanel solution with Acount manager, (Reseller accounts), Mail server, Database server (MySQL or MariaDB) Apache with PHP including many Features. cPanel is already configured and contains the basic security settings as well as the cPHulk. cPanel is well known from HostGator, Site5, Godaddy and other web hosting providers.

Cost: 14,95$/month from BuycPanel.com

How to install cPanel tutorial (coming soon)

We recommend the VPS with the minimum of 2GB RAM,A� DualCore CPU and 40 GB disk space for this type of server. You can order one at DigitalOcean or Linode. Also Linode offers 48GBdisk space. For the server location choose the country close to you and your clients

Server cost: 20$/month

The only disadvantage is that cPanel requires the secondary DNS server. You will have to install it on other VPS (no need for such a powerful configuration). It can be also used was a backup server.

Secondary DNS server + Backup server

This type of server is necessary for some of the domain registrators requiring two DNS servers.

For example ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com. Our recommendation is to use cPanel DNS Only which is free and easy to connect with cPanel server and the lower configuration. The $5 configuration is absolutely okay. Server location is not so crucialA� – it can be located in any country.

Even more if you install the FTP server the storage can be used for automatic backup of cPanel

Tutorial on how to install cPanel DNS (coming soon)

Cost: 5$ / month.

Total: 39,95$ / month

Figure B

Primary Hosting server

This solution is a bit different. If you dona��t need the robust client management, resellers and too many features on the main server you can save $14,95/m for cPanel. We can use VestaCP which is free and able to manage domains, MySQL accounts, FTP accounts, PHP and backups. It is very simple and reliable solution.

How to install VestaCP on your VPS

Parameters for VPS can be the same as for cPanel

Server cost: 20$ / month

Backup server

Our recommendation is also the VestaCP but with lower server configuration. You can install wordpress with MainWP on this server to separately back up all your WP projects so you will be able to recall them from backup anytime.

How to install VestaCP on your VPS

How to install WordPress + MainWP

Server cost: 10$ / month

If you want to save more you can check our tutorial on how to build up you own Raspberry PI backup server for less than $140.

Total: 20$ – 30$ / month

We recommend to set up a free account at MaxCDN or CloudFlare for this and the previous solution. Youa��ll get the better security for your projects and less load on your server. It will protect you from DDoS attacks and provide the low traffic for your visitors.


What do you think? Will you try to run your own web hosting? You can save a bunch of $ and get some experience in UNIX systems. Or just join our community . We will bring you more and more practical tutorials and ideas.A�

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