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This is the process in which reactions specialized cells engulf fluids opportunistic infections microbial diseases that infect a debilitated plasma the straw-colored fluid component of blood host plasmacyte a mature plasma cell that is not normally found in the opsonization the process of coating a particle with immunoglob- circulating blood ulin and or complement which enhances phagocytosis plasma thromboplastin antecedent factor xi organelles small cellular ultrastructures that are the functional plasma thromboplastin component factor ix units of a cell plasmid small cheap eldepryl 5 mg medications narcolepsy, circular eldepryl 5mg discount treatment whooping cough, self-replicating molecule of dna in bac- osha occupational safety and health administration teria; foreign genetic material can be introduced into the plasmid osmotic fragility the ability or flexibility of the cellular membrane and amplified as the plasmid replicates; a cloning vector to withstand pressure plasmin a proteolytic enzyme with the ability to dissolve formed osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease characterized by degen- fibrin clots eration of the articular cartilage plasminogen the inactive precursor of plasmin that is converted osteoarthropathy any disease of the joints and bones to plasmin by the action of substances such as urokinase oxidant stress a decrease in the level of oxygen available to the plasminogen activators the kinase enzymes tissues caused by agents such as drugs platelets also called thrombocytes oxidative pathway see hexose monophosphate shunt platelet plug the meshing together of platelets into a solid mass oxyhemoglobin oxygenated hemoglobin pleocytosis the presence of a greater-than-normal number of cells p pleural fluid watery liquid in the chest cavity pallor paleness of the skin and mucous membranes plt platelet count pancytopenia a severe decrease in all of the blood cells pnh paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.

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