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Firstly, you must log in to your DigitalOcean account. If you have don’t have one, you can register and earn $10 credit for free.

DigitalOcean calls its VPS “droplets” so you can create your droplet now.

You must choose a name for your droplet. This will be the hostname of your machine. So you must meet the following requirements:

– name from 1 to 256 characters long

– without spaces, accents and special characters

You can select the droplet option that works best for you.

And choose the region close to your business.

Choose a operating system for your VPS depending on your application needs.

You can choose from the pre-installed packages. This packages are perfectly optimized for application and for your VPS. We recommend to choose pre-installed package for WordPress VPS.

The Settings section allows you to select which features you would like to have in your droplet. For example Backup (extra fee for backup is required), Private networking or other. It is recommended that you set up SSH keys to authenticate into your droplets because it provides more security than a basic password.

Once you have installed a VPS, you can start to using it. The entire process can take almost as little as a minute or two.

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