The backup and maintenance are basically the most important activities of every WP website administrator. If you want to keep your websites running in a good condition and without any problems the regular maintenance and management of your WordPress websites is a must.

So how to set up your own WordPress backup infrastructure?

Step 1 – Installing blank WordPress for MainWP Dashboard

We will show you 4 possible ways of installing Wordpress:

  • with the console using wp-cli
  • with the console using wget and browser
  • FTP method
  • Using web hosting provider auto installer

If you are unix beginner, read this tutorial.


Installing wordpress with console using wp-cli

Step 1 - Installing WP-CLI

Use the clean VPS with the pre-installed LEMP, LAMP or VPS with VestaCP

Log into the root of your VPS and install wp-cli using these easy steps. 

curl -O
php wp-cli.phar --info

Once you are logged in as root, try to use the wp-cli command with --allow-root parameter.

php wp-cli.phar --info --allow-root

Then run these two commands:

chmod +x wp-cli.phar
sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp

Step 2 - Installing Wordpress core

Go to public_html directory in your project and type the following two commands:

wp core download
# or
# wp core download —allow-root

Create the clean database and a new user with access to this database. Then type:

wp core config --dbname=db_name --dbuser=db_user --dbpass=MySeCrEtPaSs
# or 
# wp core config --dbname=db_name --dbuser=db_user --dbpass=MySeCrEtPaSs --allow-root

See for more config parameters.

Step 3 - Creating Site

You can continue with the installation using the wp-cli command:

wp core install --url= --title=MyWEB --admin_user=mycoolname --admin_password=secretsecret1 --admin_email=test(at)
# or
# wp core install --url= --title=MyWEB --admin_user=mycoolname --admin_password=secretsecret1 --admin_email=test(at) --allow-root

See for more config parameters

or just finish the installation  in your browser window.

Installing wordpress with console using wget and browser

Unlike the previous method with this method the configuration is totally web based and runs in your browser window. The wget command is used only to download the main wordpress zip package.

Step 1 - Downloading and unzipping worpdress

Unzip these two archives in your public_html directory or type into the subdomain directory:

tar xzf latest.tar.gz
mv wordpress/* .
rm -rf wordpress latest.tar.gz

Step 2 - Configuring the database

Step 3 - Configuring the website

Installing wordpress via FTP

Unlike the Wget method all the files are copied via FTP access

Step 1 - Moving unpacked wordpress installation via FTP

connect to the server using your favourite FTP client

Unpack and copy the files from to your FTP directory

Step 2 and 3 are the same as in the previous methods

Installing wordpress using the auto installer from the provider

This is the easiest way. The only thing you need is to find out whether your provider has an option to run the auto installation of WP.

More info at

Step 2 – Installing MainWP Dashboard

Install downloaded package into your WP plugins

Then activate the plugin and connect your first website.

We HIGHLY recommend a NEW WordPress install for your Main Dashboard.

Step 3 – Connect your sites with MainWP child plugin

Install it with Plugin installer into the WP site you want to connect.

Then, activate the child plugin

As soon as possible add the site to your MainWP Dashboard

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